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Science Chase 2017

Greetings young adventurer! You are about to embark on a journey through space and time itself exploring Canadian history as a time traveling scientist of the 21st Century!

This year marks Canada’s 150th Anniversary and Science Chase needs your help! An evil mastermind has stolen rare artifacts from the Science Chase Museum and has used a time machine to scatter them all throughout history.

It is now your mission (should you accept it) to travel back in time 150 years to when Canada first became a country and solve a series of challenges along the way to find the missing artifacts! At each stop, complete the challenge to see if there is a hidden clue. Since the evil mastermind is tricky and has placed the artifacts at random points in time, not every stop may have a clue!

Once you have successfully found all of the missing artifacts, transport back to the present day in 2017 and return these items to the Science Chase Museum for your limited-edition rewards and to be crowned the Time Travelling Hero of 2017!

Prizes abound with the completion of Science Chase! And if you wear a memorable costume, fitting to the time travelling theme, you can earn even more ballots, increasing your chances to win!

 Join the Science Chase team on Saturday, May 13th to take part in an adventure of a lifetime!


Photography Credit: Ben Ouyang (2016)