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The Amazing Science Chase

The Amazing Science Chase will create an opportunity for youth to dive into fields of S.T.E.A.M. through a series of science experiments that make up our obstacle course. Each workshop will challenge visitors as they navigate their way through to the end for a chance to win amazing prizes!

Young scientists are encouraged to join us in this event as they must utilize their knowledge and know-how to accomplish this year’s mission. 


May 13 2023, 11 am to 4 pm


Sidney Smith Front Patio. West side of St. George Street just south of Harbord St.

Look out for our tent!


Just show up! No registration required, all participants and parents are welcome.

A message from our 2023 Science Chase Team:

Hello, young and ambitious scientists! Are you ready to embark on an out-of-this-world adventure? For this year’s theme of Create, the Science Chase team needs your help and creativity more than ever! 

Something strange is happening on the Science Chase Space Station, and we need your help to uncover the mystery. We believe that one of the members of our crew is up to no good, causing all sorts of problems on the station. But with your brilliant minds and fearless spirit, we know we can solve this puzzle together! As a fellow crew member, you’ll get to explore the station and complete a series of special tasks that will test your knowledge of science and technology. Along the way, be sure to collect clues and use your creative detective skills to help us figure out who the culprit is! 

Once you’ve completed all 8 tasks, bring your clues and evidence back to Science Chase headquarters to help us solve the mystery once and for all and enjoy a tasty reward! Completing all your tasks and helping us solve the mystery will make you an Official Science Sleuth of 2023 and win you some awesome prizes!

Join the Science Chase team on May 13th to take part in an science, mystery adventure of a lifetime!

For more information on the Science Chase this year, please head to Contact Us to message our Science Chase Coordinators.