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SRHacks 2021
Engineering Winners

Engineering Competition

Victoria Kwon

Screen Magnifier

First Place

Victoria Kwon is a grade 6 student who lives in Toronto. Some of her hobbies and interests include: swimming, running, dancing, playing piano, skiing, drawing, and playing with her new puppy. Victoria has won many awards such as achieving second place in the Crescendo International Music Competition, and competing in the city’s cross country meet over the last couple of years. Although Victoria does not have a specific job in mind as of yet, she would like to explore a career focused in Maths and Sciences.

Check out her interview with TVOKids

Samir Bhagat

Sanitization Station

Second Place

I’m a 13 year old coder, gamer and problem solver my goal is to be an entrepreneur

Julia Li & Elaine Li

The Third Arm

Third Place

Sanitizing and washing your hands countless times has been a problem in covid life. But it doesn’t need to be like that. With our robotic arm and further plan of implementing it into a backpack, users can pick things in public without risking their lives!

Hi! I’m Elaine Li in Grade 7, studying at University of Toronto Schools.

Eknoor Gill & Prabhleen Sandhu

Sanitizer & Mask Away

Fourth Place

Erin O'Conner

Exercise Box

Fifth Place