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SRHacks 2021
Computer Science Winners

Computer Science Competition

Charlotte To & Edyln To

Break Time Buddy

First Place

Hi! I’m Charlotte. I love coding and joining hackathons. I program in Python, Django, and Reactjs. I like creating websites and learning about genetics, especially CRISPR. During my free time I enjoy biking, reading, and raising insects (especially spiders!). This hackathon was a great experience and I had a lot of fun! You can check out my website at

Hi, my name is Edlyn. I just finished Grade 6 at Zion Heights MS. I like to code and build new things with Python and Arduino. During my free time, I enjoy reading, riding my bike through nature and performing musical theater. This was my first hackathon experience and I had so much fun. Joining SRHacks taught me that no matter what, it never hurts to try something new

Check out thier interview with TVOKids

Dion Machado

Everyone Needs a Friend

Second Place

I’m a 13 year old coder, gamer and problem solver my goal is to be an entrepreneur

Alvin Pengiparambil

Bit Pet

Third Place

In BitPet you can do many things here are some of them. (a) Feeding your Pet, (b) Dancing with your Pet, (c) Playing a Maze with your Pet, (d) And even interacting with your pet. Isn’t that Amazing! You can spend hours playing this game, don’t get too carried away though, because your pet can die. There are so many cool features in this game. Here’s how you use some of them: (a) Feeding when the expression changes – Shaking the Micro Bit, (b) Socializing with others who have microbits – Pressing the logo button, (c) Playing a Maze – PRessing A and B at the same time then pressing B to go down and A to go right, (d) Changing expression – Waving your hand or changing the light level, (e) Dancing – Pressing Pin0. To top it all off, you get points by doing activities with your pets which will be displayed at the end. I hope you enjoy BitPet!

Abbie Li & Matthew Liang

Auto the Robot Friend

Fourth Place

My name is Matthew Liang. I am a Grade 6 student at Unionville Montessori School. I like programming using Python and Processing IDE, and building electronic circuits using Arduino and micro:bit. I have built things like a mini keyboard, a robot car, and a model treehouse that is realistic. I am currently working on a device that can track how much kilometres I ride on my bike. I like the science and technology classes at my school and have received this year’s Tech Award from my school.

Jana EL-Koraichi & Zara Gascoyne

Otis the Talking Robot

Fifth Place