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2019 Festival

For 2019, the unifying theme of SR is “S.T.E.A.M. Big!” and emphasis will be put on big innovations found at the intersection of Art and Science disciplines. From the vibrant shapes and colours of diverse living organisms, to the graceful designs of aerodynamic vehicles, and the stars and planets that paint our night sky, 2019 will see a return of our recently inaugurated Sci-Art Gallery as well as our other annual events including Science Chase, Science Fair and the showcasing of research and engaging demonstrations from over 80 departments at the University of Toronto and other local Toronto organizations.

This Year’s Event Highlights!

  • The S.T.E.A.M. Street Festival  S.T.E.A.M. pavilions will line St. George Street with over 100 awe-inspiring demonstrations and hands-on experiments that showcase science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics. This year come and visit with mutant flies and glowing bacteria, touch 3D printed medieval artifacts, take virtual reality tours of archeological settings, create art with math, paint pictures with acids, bases, and plant juices, view waveforms of your voice, learn about music therapy, measure your lung volume with a balloon, analyze your blood type, trick your brain with optical illusions and 3D puzzles, engage with robots, rockets, satellites, and the solar car, play student-made video games, see how a prosthetic hand works, put a ping pong ball into orbit, walk through a scale model of the solar system, take a look through a solar telescope, and much, much more!
  • The Sci-Art Gallery Welcome to the second year of the Sci-Art gallery! While science and art may seem worlds apart, they have more in common than one might think. Our goal is to not only engage the public in science using different art mediums, but to also showcase the the beauty in science and the diverse talent in our community. Artists will be sharing their works inspired by cells, animals, the natural world, math, physics and more. If you visited the gallery last year, get ready for even bigger and better exhibits! The Sci-Art Gallery will be a featured exhibition at U of T St. George this year and will be held within and around Sidney Smith Hall. The main gallery will take place in the student lounge facing St. George street to allow as much natural light in as possible for better viewing of the art. As well, separate rooms will be set aside for those artists who wish to create a full room immersive experience and areas outdoors will be designated for the performance arts (dance, theatre, song). Please check back for more updates about featured artists and other art events for this year around March!
  • The Amazing Science Chase The Amazing Science Chase will create an opportunity for youth to dive into fields of S.T.E.A.M. through a series of science experiments that make up our obstacle course. Each workshop will provide challenges for visitors as they navigate their way through to the end for a chance to win amazing prizes! Young scientists are encouraged to join us in this event as they must utilize their knowledge and know-how to accomplish this year’s mission. A message from our 2019 Science Chase team! Greetings young, ambitious scientists! To celebrate this year’s theme: S.T.E.A.M. Big!, your friends from Science Chase need your help once again! The Science Chase Astronomy Headquarters has lost contact with their latest satellite which was sent into orbit earlier this year, and is looking for enthusiastic scientists to go above and beyond into space to help bring our satellite back safely to the International Space Station! As a young astronaut, you will be navigating the 8 planets in our solar system to help locate our missing satellite. Use your knowledge in the field of science and technology, and your creativity to complete the 8 challenges and pick up clues along the way. Once you have completed all 8 challenges, transport all the clues you have gathered back to the Science Chase Headquarters at the Space Station so we can send a rescue spaceship out. You will be crowned the Official SC Astronaut Hero of 2019 and receive limited edition prizes for completing your quest. Join the Science Chase team on May 11th to take part an adventure of a lifetime that is out of this world!
  • The Annual Science Rendezvous Science Fair (S.R.S.F.) In this fair students are given the opportunity to showcase their work alongside that of Canada’s leading researchers! Students with outstanding science posters will win funding for their classrooms! Funding that can help to enhance both the current and future scientific education of themselves and their peers. For this year’s fair we will be teaming up with the Molecular Genetics Department and gearing the fair towards research that explores bigger questions at the molecular level. Students will get to think outside the box and creatively share their ideas through posters on what excites them!
  • Physics Sci-Talks!

    Presented by the Department of Physics at the University of Toronto, these are an immersive experience to showcase topics in science and research through a series of engaging talks from featured presenters!

    McLennan Physical Laboratories (MP, Room 103):

    1:00-1:30 pm –  Stephen Hawking’s Black Hole Information Paradox and String Theory – Professor A.W. Peet
    2:00-2:30 pm –  From Schrodinger’s cat to quantum computers – Aharon Brodutch

  • The SR Stand Up & S.T.E.A.M. Stage

    This year, we’re presenting for the first time a featured stage for science demonstrations and captivating performances that bring big ideas to light! Join us at the stage for scheduled acts throughout the festival day!

    The inauguration of our stage will showcase featured performers from scientists to student groups! Some of our featured guests include: Jenny Blackbird, Tales of Harmonia, University of Toronto Beatbox and more!

  • Science Pitch Competition (S.R.S.P.C)

    The inauguration of SR’s first-ever Science Pitch Competition features a roster U of T Graduate students, each presenting a research topic to the public in an easily digestible and engaging 3 minute pitch! Only the top presenters will be selected by our panel of judges for SR scholarship prizes!

  • SR Science Carnival

    Visit the carnival and get some popcorn, cotton candy, helium balloons, and face paint! Here you can also smash some liquid nitrogen flowers, use virtual reality viewers, make your own buttons, and use our photo booth!

Thank you to all of our generous sponsors!