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Science Chase 2019

The Amazing Science Chase

The Amazing Science Chase will create an opportunity for youth to dive into fields of S.T.E.A.M. through a series of science experiments that make up our obstacle course. Each workshop will challenge visitors as they navigate their way through to the end for a chance to win amazing prizes!

Young scientists are encouraged to join us in this event as they must utilize their knowledge and know-how to accomplish this year’s mission. 

A message from our 2019 Science Chase Team:

Greetings young, ambitious scientists! To celebrate this year’s theme: S.T.E.A.M. Big!, your friends from Science Chase need your help once again!

The Science Chase Astronomy Headquarters has lost contact with their latest satellite which was sent into orbit earlier this year, and is looking for enthusiastic scientists to go above and beyond into space to help bring our satellite back safely to the International Space Station!

As a young astronaut, you will be navigating the 8 planets in our solar system to help locate our missing satellite. Use your knowledge in the field of science and technology, and your creativity to complete the 8 challenges and pick up clues along the way. Once you have completed all 8 challenges, transport all the clues you have gathered back to the Science Chase Headquarters at the Space Station so we can send a rescue spaceship out.

You will be crowned the Official SC Astronaut Hero of 2019 and receive limited edition prizes for completing your quest. Join the Science Chase team on May 11th to take part an adventure of a lifetime that is out of this world!

You will be crowned your official title and receive limited edition prizes for completing your quest!

For more information on the Science Chase this year, please head to Contact Us to message our Science Chase Coordinators.