As we plan for SR 2019, we will be updating this list with this year’s featured collaborators by the end of March, so check back for more updates!

Our 2018 SR Festival included over 60+ exhibitions from exciting booths about Medicine, Chemistry, to Robotics, and more! Check out our 2018 collaborators below!

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Barf Bubbles
Paper Making with BioZone
CAN-BIND Depression Research Network
Kensington Market: Hidden Histories
Cell and Systems Biology
We Will Do It For The Waters
Digital Humanities & Medieval Studies
Microbes 'R Us
Video game design
Discover Your Ecosystem
Explore the Beauty of Mathematics
Exploring the Rise and Fall of Civilizations
A Closer Look at Our Earth
Engineering Outreach
Forests for the Future
FIRST Robotics
Physical Geography
Girl Guides of Canada
Helix 2 Labs
Immunology: All About Antibodies!
Robotics in the STARS Lab - Institute for Aerospace Studies
Replicating Hertz’s Electromagnetic Wave Experiment
The Art of Biomedical Engineering
Cues and Illusions
Let's Talk Science
Medical Radiation Sciences
Molecular Genetics: Train to Discovery
Music + Your Brain = ?
Department of Nutritional Sciences
Pathways to Medicine-Models of Human Diseases
Child Study Centre
Painting with Pueblo Science
R2D2 Builders
It’s a Small World
Royal Astronomical Society, Toronto Centre
Royal Ontario Museum
Stem Cell Club UofT
Structural Genomics Consortium, University of Toronto
Pet Bees Lab: The S.T.E.A.M. Inside & Around a Beehive
Ethnography, Virtual Worlds and Archaeology
Light Sail 2
Exploring the Music of the Cosmos
Arbiter Commuter Trike
Inspiring Flight
Blue Sky Solar Racing
First Aid and Me
Origami Workshop
University of Toronto Scientific Instrument Collection
University of Toronto Seismic Design Team
Centre for Aerial Robotics Research and Education (CARRE)
Without Mathematics, there is no Art
Women in Science and Engineering
Zebra Robotics
Inspiring Flight
Zebrafish Embryo Development - Modelling Humans in Fish
The Science of Sleep
Quarantine Tent
Optics Games
Faculty of Medicine's Youth Summer Program